Monday, April 14, 2008


Boba Fett Small


Jazun's Art Blog said...

nice one!

M.RIOS said...

WOW, f*#King awesome.

Doc Monster said...

Super SHWEET mega awesome!!! Have I mentioned it's great? I love the entire layout from Boba's foreground floundering to Luke's Evening at the Bolshoi background kick. And, yes, Boba Fett is indeed a chump ... and a very cool looking chump at that.

Lost Viking said...

Can anyone even SAY "Boba Fett" without following it with "Where?"? Plus, top bounty-hunter in the galaxy and he turns his back on his latest victim AND HIS WOOKIE?!?!!?

Breathe-breathe! Okay, I'm better now.

Ben, AWESOME!! Love the detail. Love Luke kicking more back-ends than he did in the movie. I am however missing the other five guys Luke was fighting, the couple of bodies strewn around Han and Chewie, the crowd cheering from Jabba's "ship", JABBA, LEIA, Lando... I mean, come on, can you say hack job? Bet you didn't even use reference!! Bet yah anything that spec of dirt on Boba's left breast-plate was NOT there!!!

Sorry, got carried away. Did I mention that I LOVED it!! GREAT piece!!

Carlos said...

I gotta give you credit for doin a whole scene. Great layout (love lukes pose BTW)

Marcus said...

Priceless! If I havent already said before in person, this is totally kickass, and way ambitious but you nailed it.